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10CFDS is a Forex brokerage located in Belize. According to the brokerage, clients are extended extremely generous leverage of up to 1:200.

Is 10CFDS Regulated?

10CFDS is owned by Capital Tech Ltd, a company registered in the Marshall Islands. Moreover, Capital Tech Ltd. was mentioned in the warnings of some regulators (FCA in the UK, FSMA in Belgium), and this time 10CFDS has been blacklisted by Italian regulator CONSOB.

Is It Safe To Invest With 10CFDS?

As per our thorough investigation, we have found 10CFDS is nothing but a scamming organization. Once, the money is deposited with it, it stops responding to the queries. Many traders have put negative feedbacks against this firm. Hence, it is not safe to invest any sum of money in it.

How To Get Back Your Scammed Money From 10CFDS?

In case you have fallen prey to the scamming activities of 10CFDS, feel free to file a complaint against it with us. Our team will surely help you to get your money back.

What people say

  • I have also been a victim of Binary option scams. I got scammed almost a 100000 usd. It was a terrible experience. After losing more money to lawyers and what not, I was finally able to recover my Funds  with the help of Good luck everyone with same bad exp...