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1960 Binary Trade is an unimpressive Binary Options trading platform and also claims to provide a promising opportunity to mine bitcoin on its site. However, the platform is a little bit confusing in representing the core idea of the business. 

Is 1960 Binary Trade Legitimate?

1960 Binary Trade is certainly an unregulated investment platform. It does not provide any credible details regarding its legal address, regulations, and authorizations. Thus, we can say surely that the entity is illegitimate and operates unlawfully.

Is Investing With 1960 Binary Trade Safe?

1960 Binary Trade seems to be a dubious investment forum. Its official site is not working appropriately and most probably it has shut down all its operations. Hence, we suggest avoiding such a bogus entity at any cost.

Want To Recover Back Your Lost Money From 1960 Binary Trade?

As per available information, 1960 Binary Trade has received a negative response overall from the traders. It is an anonymous entity and might be involved in the full-fledged scam. In case, if you have lost your money with 1960 Binary Trade, reach out to us. We will certainly help you to recover your lost sum.

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