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4xincome is owned by Sky Hub Limited is a social trading and investing company which allow it’s users to watch and learn the financial trading activities of other users. It provides over 60 currency pairs.

Is 4xincome Licensed?

4xincome does not provide any information about the regulation and is also not supervised by any authority. Hence, we conclude that 4xincome is not legit.

How safe is it to trade with 4xincome?

4xincome is an offshore company which is also the reason that it is not regulated. As a trader, we do not want to trade with an unregulated company. Therefore, you will be putting your money at risk if you trade with 4xincome.

What If You Get Scammed By 4xincome?

4xincome is not safe to trade with and even if you do so and get scammed then do not worry, there’s always a way out. Reach out to us as we will help you in the money recovering process.

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