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70Trades is a Forex brokerage based in the United Kingdom. Traders are provided with a web-based trading platform and a wide range of trading products. 

Is 70Trades A Legit Broker?

70Trades is not regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Most probably, the broker has been targeting British residents and as a result, has gotten on FCA‘s warning list in January 2019. Hence, it is not recommended to trade with this broker.

Is It Safe To Invest With 70Trades?

70Trades has its own website that offers “Automated Trading Software”. When a trader invests a minimum sum of $ 100 with it, that initially gets transferred to a smarter scammer which is known as “Retention Agent”. The agent then tries to get more capital out of you. Hence, we do not recommend any investor to go for trading with Profit plus.

How To Recover Your Scammed Money From 70Trades?

If you have invested any sum of money with 70Trades and suspect a scam, feel free to get in touch with us, and we will help you to get all your money back. 

What people say

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  • I have traded with this several brokers, i eventually gave up when 24option stole my investment funds and I can tell you categorically that I was/am unimpressed by their performance. Having lost almost $93,000 to them I decided to withdraw the remaining balance to meet a pressing need but they have found it difficult to release my money. I paid through Liberty reserve and they got my money instantly but when I wanted to have my balance back they said it will take 5-7 days and it’s exactly a week today yet I have not been paid. The so-called account manager lied to me that he has processed my money and that it’s on its way to my account but it is now 3 days after without any money. I have sent emails to him and he has refused to reply to me and this is somebody that has been disturbing me with calls and emails to make a deposit and trade and now it’s their turn to release my money they have not responded. When you check through their website you could notice they don’t have details about the withdrawal of funds as expected. I got my money back a few days ago with the help of a recovery company named . They provide solution For Every Client And Solve Every Cryptocurrency And Binary Options Disputes For Good In The Shortest Time-Frame. Big thanks to my brother who told me about them. You can also visit they website:

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  • Started my account with with just 250USD. Their Account manager forced and initiated me deposit more and more whenever my margin goes low. All trades were taken up with their suggestion and recommendation only. Mostly will place order in commodity and sometime will place in Indices. At certain point When they came to know, I had nothing to deposit, they guide me to take wrong trade trades and made to loose all my money. My total deposit was 15000USD.