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ABIG AS ( is an online trading service that offers CFD, Bitcoin, and other trading services. There is no further information available about the firm. The official website is now offline, and it looks like the firm is no longer functioning. 

Is ABIG AS Regulated?

ABIG AS is not registered with any of the regulatory authorities, like the FCA. It does not have a  license to offer financial services. So, ABIG is an unregulated financial service and your investments may be at risk.

Is It Safe To Invest With ABIG AS?

ABIG AS is not safe to invest in because it is an unregulated company. It is not accredited by recognized organizations. Regulation authorities say that investing in a firm without approval from them will put the investment at risk.

What To Do If You Have Lost Money With ABIG AS?

If you are having issues with ABIG AS services or lost your investment, you can contact us. Funds Recovery will help you with the legal process and help you recover the lost funds.

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