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ACFX or is the official website of Atlas Capital, which is a forex trading service provider under the ownership of Atlas Group. The domain has changed hands now, and it is under the ownership of Arab Capital Group. The Atlas Capital or Atlas Group is one of the largest businesses in Europe.

Is ACFX Regulated?

ACFX is regulated by CySEC. At the same time, a license from an offshore location like Cyprus will not be accepted by some countries.

Can You Invest With ACFX?

It is not safe to invest with ACFX. The Atlas Capital license was suspended by the CySEC over allegations of scams. The firm may have changed its name and domain of the official website to get away from this suspension.

What To Do If You Have Lost Your Investment With ACFX?

If you have lost your investment because of an issue caused by ACFX, you can get help from the professionals at Funds Recovery. We will help you reclaim the lost funds.

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