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About: is a cryptocurrency trading firm that facilitates trade and investment in different cryptocurrencies such as OmiseGo, Waykia Chain, DANG-X/USDT, and many others.

Is A Legit Broker?

There is a serious lack of regulation since is located in jurisdictions that do not imply the strictest policies to the financial service firms. Yet, being operated from Bulgaria the broker should be registered with the local authority, and it is not the case with

Is It Safe To Invest With

Many negative reviews have been submitted on numerous websites against and this raises a red signal for us to believe. Many traders have already lost their money in dealing with it and therefore, it will be a good decision if you choose some safe platform instead to invest your money with. 

How To Recover Your Scammed Funds From

In case you have fallen prey to the malicious trading activities of and want to recover your money, you are directed to connect with us. Our experts will try their best to recover your amount.

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