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AL Trade is a Forex and CFD broker that operates since 2003. It offers multiple financial assets of different classes for trading. The broker provides a user-friendly MT4 platform for trading with a minimum deposit of $200. A demo account is available for 90 days post-registration.

Is AL Trade Legit?

AL Trade is an unregulated platform, presumably based in London, UK. It does not have any valid license from local authorities to operate financial services. The broker fails to provide credible information regarding its regulations.

Is It Safe To Invest With AL Trade?

As per available information, AL Trade seems to be a suspicious platform. It has lost faith among the investors, due to lack of regulations. Therefore, it is suitable not to associate with such a broker for investment purposes.

What If AL Trade Scams You?

AL Trade has received unfavourable feedback from the investors. There is no safety provision for the protection of the client's funds. In case, if you have lost money with AL Trade, reach out to us. Our team of professionals will assist you to recover your lost sum.

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