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Asic Trader a CFD brokerage firm primarily focuses on cryptocurrencies. It offers various digital assets for trading. The firm lacks a popular MT4 trading platform, it uses an average Scamex platform instead. The minimum deposit is extremely low, $5 to open a live account and leverage up to 1:2.

Is Asic Trader A Licensed Broker?

Asic Trader is an integrated platform owned by Hellax Corp LP,  a company presumably based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The firm neither has any valid license nor it is regulated by any reputed financial authority. Thus, the firm probably an illegitimate one.

Is It Safe To Invest With Asic Trader?

Asic Trader is an unreliable platform. It operates as a financial service provider without any validations. There is not too much credible information is available about its trading conditions. Hence, it is better to avoid such an illicit firm while taking investment decisions.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By Asic Trader? 

Asic Trader has received unfavourable reviews from the investors. The financial regulator of the Uk the Financial Conduct Authority has issued a serious warning against the firm. In case, you have lost money with Asic Trader under any circumstances, connect with us. We will make sure e you get back your lost sum.

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