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AstroFX is a trading platform that accepts investments with a claim that it is regulated by CySEC. It offers trading software and has withdrawal and deposit charges for trading. As per the FCA records, this is run by Algobot Ltd.

Is AstroFX Regulated?

AstroFX deceitfully claims to be registered under CySEC. As per the FCA record, this firm has been providing financial services without authorization. There is also a possibility that this is an offshore company.

Is It Safe To Invest In AstroFX?

AstroFX website went offline, and it looks like they are no longer accepting investments. There is also another firm called AstroFX, which provides courses on trading. So there are choices that scammers may use this name for their frauds.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By AstroFX?

In case you have been scammed by AstroFX, you can contact our expert team who has experience in financial disputes. They will help you with the process of reclaiming your lost funds.

What people say

  • I was scammed by an investor called Jack Michael and Leonard jones of this company. I sent an investment of $100 in January and was assured I would get my profits after 3 days. However after 3 days I was sent an email that said I should send $200 for wallet fees. After much struggle I managed to rise the funds and sent. On the 17 th July 2022 I was assured that this time they will release my profits only to receive another email from them that my profits have been withheld by IRS because I have to pay $150 for tax. Am not an American citizen. Am based in Africa. My profits have come to about $1200 but all I want is my investment to be refunded. Amounting to $300

  • Me and my wife invested money in astroFX. R2000 when come to payouts they have a lot of excuses . I have to pay 500 dollarsfirs and my wife have to pay 700 dollars before we can withdraw the money.

  • I had sent in $100 for trade and I was told I will get my profits of $1200 After a week I was told I need to pay $200 in order for my earnings to be released After much deliberation I sent a minimum of $28 I was told my profits will be released Finally I got a message that my profits are released and will reflect in my wallet After an hour I got email that I had to pay $50 for my profits to reflect in my wallet I paid, but again after 2 hrs I got another mail that I had to pay $150 as clarifying fees for my wallet I didn’t pay because I think it’s not genuine but a scam I invested the $100 thinking I was dealing with a genuine site and would help me stabilize my finances I just want my funds back please help me

  • I was looking for a good place to invest this company offered a good service and won my trust but I never knew that I was being deceived, although my investment was 300 dls and may seem small amount to me it was a year saving. Well my investment generated $2,980 dls but I was not able to withdraw because I had to upgrade and even though I had $2980 on the acct they did take the deposit from there they wanted me to deposit $650 to upgrade to gold and would be abailable to withdraw now Im stuck I just want my funds and leave these scam artists. How can I if still available to recover my funds ? please help