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BeAlgo is a Forex broker that offers various financial instruments for trading. The broker provides a standard MT4 platform for trading with a minimum deposit of $500 to open a live account. The entity has unusual trading conditions and charges a huge commission for withdrawal.

Is BeAlgo Legit?

BeAlgo is an unlicensed broker operated by B.A.X Ltd, a company presumably based in Bulgaria. The entity does not hold any license to facilitate financial services. In addition, the entity fails to provide any credible information to prove its legality.

Should You Invest With BeAlgo?

BeAlgo is not a reliable platform. It has no credibility in the market as the entity provides financial services illegally. There is also no provision for the safety of the client's funds. Investing with such an illicit entity, might leads to loss of capital and adverse outcomes.

What If BeAlgo Scams You?

BeAlgo has received unfavourable reviews from the investors. It has been blacklisted by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Unfortunately, if you have lost money with BeAlgo, don't lose hope. Our team of professionals will assist you in getting your funds recovered.

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