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BitHash is an offshore cryptocurrency broker established in the year 2016. It claims to offer a wide array of popular tradable digital coins for investors. The entity fails to demonstrate the trading conditions appropriately and thus creates lots of ambiguity among the potential investors.

Is BitHash Legitimate?

BitHash claims itself to be a regulated platform administered by Pheonix Trading Solutions Ltd, a company governed under the International Business Companies Act of Seychelles. However, the credibility of the regulator is extremely low in the international community.

Should You Invest With BitHash?

BitHash has failed to establish itself as a prominent trading forum. It lacks the clarity of information and works mostly autonomously. Therefore, it is suitable not to associate with the Bit Hashsopx investment prospectus.

How To Recover Your Lost Money From BitHash?

BitHash has some major red flags in the market. Its market presence is extremely low and also faces some minor allegations of being a fraud. Sadly, if you feel being fooled by Bit Hashsopx, connect with us. We will help you in reclaiming your lost sum.

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