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Partners Group or Business Choice Partners Group is a Forex trading service. There is also another registered firm of the same name which enables scammers to create clone firms. There complaints about getting cold calls about brokerage deals, and job offers. 

Is Partners Group Legit?

No, The Partners Group scam is one of the best examples of clone firm frauds. The scammer will create clone firms in the name of popular companies. There are no registration and license details on the website, so it is not legit. 

Is It Safe For You To Invest With Partners Group?

Partners Group does not have a proper registration or license to offer financial services. It also does not have accreditation from a recognized organization like the BBB. So it is not safe to invest with them.  

What To Do If You Lost Investment On Partners Group Scam?

If you have been scammed by the fake brokerage services from Partners Group or a fake job offer, you can contact us. We will help you with the dispute and reclaim your funds.

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