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CentDesk is an offshore trading company which allows a web terminal for trading. It has a minimum deposit of $ 100 which is favourable to its users.

Is CentDesk Legit?

Post running the checks via the online registry, we did not find CentDesk under licenced companies. This brings to our attention that CentDesk is operating outside the laws.

Is Trading With CentDesk Safe?

CentDesk offers only two trading options which are Bitcoin and Ethereum to their clients, but the widely used payment modes such as Visa and MasterCard are missing. Hence, we would not recommend you to put a huge amount at risk.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By CentDesk?

Scamming can happen with anyone in the trading industry especially if he/she is trading with an offshore company. If you are scammed by CentDesk forex, then do not worry. We will deploy our team of experts to recover your money.

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