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Chrono FM is a Forex brokerage firm that offers to trade with various financial instruments. It does not have the popular MT4 trading platform, it uses some low-quality web-based platform. The minimum deposit is $250 to soon a live account and also has an Islamic swap-free account.

Is Chrono FM Legit?

Chrono FM is an unregulated platform with a listed address of Bulgaria, owned by Sanata Group EOOD. It falsely claims to be regulated by the Bulgarian financial authority. The firm fails to show any substantial evidence about its legitimacy.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With Chrono FM?

Chrono FM is a dubious forum, it provides financial services without any validations. The firm lures naive investors promising lucrative returns and also there is no provision for the protection of the funds. Hence, it is better to avoid such a broker for investment purposes.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Chrono FM?

Chrono FM has some major red flags in the market. The Italian financial regulatory CONSOB has issued a warning against this entity. Unfortunately, if you feel being deceived by Chrono FM reach out to us. We will deliver our best efforts to recover your lost funds.

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