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CN is basically a rail freight company and transports around $250 billion worth of goods yearly. It operates on a daily basis and customer support is available 24*7 for its users.

Is CN Rail Licensed?

CN Rail must be able to pay for a regulated license to be able to offer to trade. However, It doesn't pay for licenses but it does offer trading which is illegal. Hence, we conclude that this company is not legit.

How Safe Is It To Trade With CN Rail?

Your money is not safe with CN Rail because brokers who do not have a regulated license will not return the money as they are outlaws. Also, there are lots of CN Rail complaints which is not a good sign.

What Would Be The Next Course of Action If You Got Scammed By CN Rail?

If you got scammed by CN Rail, then no need to worry. We can provide you with the necessary steps and advice you can use to get your money back.

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