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Coinbull is an attractive cryptocurrency broker established in 2017. It is a well-designed platform offering a wide array of popular digital coins for trading. The broker provides an unfamiliar web-based platform and has not disclosed much about its trading conditions.

Is Coinbull Legit?

Coinbull is an unlicensed broker owned by ABC Marketing Ltd. The company fails to provide any relevant information regarding its regulations or legal validation. Thus, we can say that the broker is illegitimate and operates with full anonymity.

Is Investing With Coinbull Safe?

Considering the facts, Coinbull seems to be a dubious trading platform. It has used many deceptive methods to lure investors and thus lacks credibility in the market. Therefore, investing with such a broker might lead to adverse consequences.

What To Do When Scammed By Coinbull?

Coinbull has received mostly unfavorable feedback from the traders. Unfortunately, if you have lost your hard-earned money with Coinbull, don't lose hope. Our team of professionals will assist you to retrieve your lost sum.

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