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CP Investors LLC payday loans are a market scam. The company is a front for scammers who scam people by giving them fake loans.

Is CP Investors Legit?

CP Investors LLC sends loans sanctioned letters to people without any kind of authorization. The company then asks for payments in the form of fees for these loans. People who pay these fees get eventually, if not immediately, scammed.

Should You Invest With CP Investors?

CP Investors has a very bad reputation online. The company has tried to scam several people in the past. If you receive a loan sanction letter from them, do not make any kind of payments if asked. It is better to ignore their letters and try a more renowned firm instead when needed.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By CP Investors?

If you have been scammed by CP Investors, contact us. We, at Funds Recovery, have a highly trained and experienced workforce to handle your case and get back your money.

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