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About: is an automated Bitcoin bot trading service, and the service supports all major bitcoin exchanges. The official website does not have any information on who owns this software and registration details.

Is CryptoTrader Regulated?

CryptoTrader does not have any information on its registration for offering financial services. It is an unregulated firm, and investing with them is not advisable based on the regulatory authorities.

Is It Safe For You To Invest With CryptoTrader?

CryptoTrader website mentions some of the supported brokers, and it looks like they are only accepting investments with them. It is not safe to invest in anonymous trading platforms like CryptoTrader, which is not registered.

What To Do When You Have Lost Money With CryptoTrader?

Unregistered and anonymous trading services like CryptoTrader offer dubious claims on profits, which are often problematic. If you have lost your funds on the scam, you can contact us to help with the process of reclaiming your funds.

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