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Easy Line Pro presents itself as a hybrid broker that offers both Forex and Binary Options trading. It has numerous financial assets of multiple classes for trading. The broker does not support MetaTrader, it works on the unusual web-based trading platform. The minimum deposit is substantial $500 and has a generous leverage ratio of 1:200.

Is Easy Line Pro Regulated?

Easy Line Pro is an unlicensed broker managed by Solutions CM Ltd., a company incorporated in Bulgaria. The entity fails to provide any substantial information regarding its regulations and most probably operates illegally in the market.

Should You Invest With Easy Line Pro?

Easy Line Pro is a highly suspicious platform. It has extremely low credibility in the market. Lack of transparency and regulations creates a sense of vulnerability in investors. Therefore, investors should better avoid such an entity while making an investment decision.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Easy Line Pro?

As per available information, Easy Line Pro has some major red flags in the market. It has been blacklisted by several reputed jurisdictions in the world. In case, if your money is being duped by Easy Line Pro, contact us. We will make sure you get your funds recovered.

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