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Easy Trade App is an automated online platform for which buys and sells crypto, stocks, FOREX and Indices. Its investment approach is unique, based on an algorithmic formula which decides the trading strategy. The company web app has a user-friendly trading interface.

Is Easy Trade App Legit?

Easy Trade App is not a regulated company. Through its website, we could not find any authentic credentials about the company. There is no information available who started the company's site. An individual can contact only through email provided on its official web trade forum.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With Easy Trade App?

Easy Trade App is not a credible option for investment. Its minimum initial investment is $250. There are three levels of the investment plan for the newcomer. The company's all investment opportunities come with a huge risk. Cryptocurrencies often added double risk with it as its markets are volatile. So, it is recommended not to invest your hard-earned money in Easy Trade App. 

Have Been Scammed by Easy Trade App?

Easy Trade App reviews show that it is a full-fledged scam. Being an investor you should avoid this company. However, if your money has been seized by the Easy Trade App, communicate with us. We will provide aid to retrieve your funds.

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