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Ellis Finance is a relatively new investment company based in the USA that provides financial services or products. The company listed address is Ellis loan service center 153 Electric Ave, Rochester New York 14613, USA. The company generally targets an audience based in the UK.

Is Ellis Finance Legit?

Ellis Finance is an unregistered entity, which provides financial services without any proper authorization and validation. Such illegal companies generally abuse the rules and regulations to gain short benefits.

Is It Safe To Invest With Ellis Finance?

Ellis Finance lacks transparency and accountability. It lures gullible investors by promising a high rate of returns. Therefore, we recommend not to associate with Ellis Finance while taking investment decisions.

What If Ellis Finance Scams You?

Ellis Finance has received loads of negative feedback from the investors and has a major red flag in the market. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK has issued a public warning against this entity. In case you have been scammed by Ellis Finance, approach us. We will assist you to retrieve your lost money.

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