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Empire Option is a relatively experienced Binary Options brokerage company established in 2010. It claims to offer a large collection of financial products for trading. The broker provides an advanced trading platform with an initial minimum deposit of $200 to open an account.

Is Empire Option Regulated?

As per research, Empire Option is a popular trading platform but it lacks proper rules and regulations. We could not find any relevant information regarding the legalization of the company. Thus, the broker's illegitimacy is a major concern for potential investors.

Should You Invest With Empire Option?

Empire Option is an unreliable trading platform. It lacks the clarity of information as well as transparency. There is no assurance for the protection of the client's funds. Hence, it is advisable to avoid such a broker for any sort of investment.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By Empire Option?

Empire Option reviews are not encouraging. Moreover, it has already received a warning from the French financial authority AMF for operating within the region without any authorization. In case, if you have fallen into the trap of  Empire Option's fraud, contact us. We will make sure you recover your lost sum.

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