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Fin-Tech Prime is an online trading service provider primarily focused on cryptocurrencies. It offers multiple digital assets for trading. The entity does not support the popular MetaTrader platform instead, it works on the unusual average web-based trading platform. The minimum deposit is generous $250 and has a decent leverage ratio of 1:150.

Is Fin-Tech Prime Regulated?

Fin-Tech Prime is an unlicensed platform, presumably based in Bulgaria. However, it does not regulate under local financial authority. The entity fails to provide any legal validations to provide financial service in the market.

Is Investing With Fin-tech Prime Safe?

Fin-Tech Prime seems to be an ordinary trading platform and deprived of a fundamental aspect of trading. Moreover, the official site is inaccessible and probably out of business for the time being. Hence, we advise you to stay away from such a dubious entity while making investment decisions.

What If Fin-Tech Prime Scams You?

Fin-Tech Prime has reviewed unfavourable feedback from the investors. In addition, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a public wearing against the entity. Unfortunately, if you have been scammed by Fin-Tech Prime, reach us. We will assist you in getting your funds recovered.

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