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FlixGM is another offshore Forex brokerage firm to hit the lucrative market. It promises to provide a solid choice of financial instruments for trading. The entity does not mention any information regarding its trading platform, although the minimum deposit of $250 is mentioned. The customer support team is highly unresponsive.

Is FlixGM Legit?

FlixGM is an unregulated offshore platform owned by Altridum Group Inc, a company allegedly based in Seychelles. The entity is not regulated under any financial authority. Moreover, there is no legal evidence about the entity's authorization and thus, it operates anonymously.

Is It Safe To Invest With FlixGM?

FlixGM is identical to the offshore corrupted trading platform. Its official website is inaccessible and most probably it is out of business. Hence, it is better to avoid such an illicit entity for any sort of investment.

What If FlixGM Scams You?

FlixGM reviews show some major red flags in the market. It has been blacklisted by The Financial Services and Markets Authority  (FSMA) of Belgium. If you have any scam-related trouble with FlixGM, contact us. We will assist you to recover your lost money.

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