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FX United is a Forex Broker that offers trading services through the MT4 platform. It only offers to the trade of currencies. Deposits start at only $25 for both standard and premium accounts.

Is FX United Legit?

FX United does not have any official workplace in any other part of the world except the US. Being an offshore broker, this company is not regulated. Hence, we can conclude that it is not legit.

Is Trading With FX United Safe?

Trading with FX United involves risks. Also, it is now closed down. In the initial days, it was obvious that this company was a scam. As per FX united reviews, we can conclude that you should not trade with this company.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By FX United?

If you become the next victim of the FX United scam, you need to reach out to us in order to get the required help. We will help you with the advice and process through which you can recover your money.

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