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About: is a trading service provider established in 2007 to offer direct market access to traders in the US. The firm started its operations in multiple locations in the United States and the Arab Emirates. 

Is FXCentral Regulated?

Even though FXCentral started its operations through offices in physical locations, the firm did not have the approval to offer trading services in those locations. There are no details on registration.

Can You Invest In FXCentral?

FXCentral’s official website is no longer functioning, and the firm is not accepting new investments. It is not safe to invest in an unregulated financial service provider like this.

What To Do If You Have Lost Money With FXCentral?

If you have lost your investment with FXCentral, you can get help from experts at Funds Recovery. Our professionals have experience in handling financial scams and other issues related to trading. We will help you recover the lost funds. 

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