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GCG Asia is a Forex brokerage supposedly based in Switzerland. It provides clients with the MT4 trading terminal and generous leverage of up to 1:100.

Is GCG Asia A Regulated Broker?

Forex brokerages in Switzerland have to be licensed by the FINMA. But we find no mention of such a license on the broker’s website. Furthermore, after checking the online registry of the Swiss authorities we can safely conclude that GCG Asia does not fall under any regulatory oversight whatsoever.

Is It Safe To Invest With GCG Asia?

Even though GCG Asia claims to provide trading service with complete security, the reviews from the traders are not in favour of this broker. Traders need to invest a minimum of $ 250 to start trading in this website. But as soon as they transfer their money to its account, they lose all contacts from it. Hence, we do not recommend to go for trading with this broker.

How to Recover Your Scammed Money From GCG Asia?

If you have been scammed by GCG Asia, you can easily file a complaint against the broker to any of the fund's recovery companies recommended by us. They will help you to get all your money back.

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