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Glenridge Capital is a Grey Mountain Management Group subsidiary. It offers Binary Options and Forex Trading services in the UK.  There are Binary Options trading with multiple expiration time frames in their services.

Is Glenridge Capital Regulated?

The Glenridge capital does not have any registration or accreditation with recognized authorities like FCA, CySEC, and others. Providing trading and financial services without a license from organizations like this is not legal.

Is It Safe To Trade With Glenridge Capital?

Glenridge Capital is not safe to invest with because it has no license to offer financial services. The firm also has complaints online about not offering auto trading options and withdrawal issues.

What Can You Do If You Have Lost Money With Glenridge Capital? 

If you have been scammed by the Glenridge capital, you can contact us. Funds Recovery expert team will help you with the process of reclaiming your losses.

What people say

  • I sent to them $600 I started to trade I lost $200 without help then I did not find them since 3 or 4 years back thank you Sir Please could you send to me in my e mall Please yousry soliman mohamed

  • I deposited $397.50 with Glenridge-Capital for binary options and since they are no longer in business, I am out of that money with no way to recover it. How dissappointing! Oh, well, it's a lesson learned.I would maybe just try with but I will sick here to read more comments before I make a final decission. Ivorry Backer