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Golden Financial is a Forex brokerage firm. It offers a wide range of financial assets for trading such as currency pairs, stocks, futures, and commodities. The broker offers an MT5 platform for trading with a minimum deposit of a hefty $500 to open a live account. The entity focuses, especially on Chinese investors.

Is Golden Financial Legit?

Golden Financial is an unregulated platform, falsely presents to have offices in the UK and New Zealand. It claims to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority  (FCA)  of the UK and New Zealand's Financial Markets Authority(FMA). However, the claim turned out to be bogus.

Is It Safe To Invest With Golden Financial?

As per research, Golden Financial is a fraudulent entity. It has provided inaccurate information to the investors. The company's website is not working properly. Therefore, it is better to avoid such illegal brokers while taking investment decisions.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By Golden Financial? 

Golden Financial is probably a scam. New Zealand's financial authority FMA has issued a public warning against this broker. Sadly, if you have been a victim of the Golden Financial scam, reach us. We will assist you to recover your funds.

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