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Golden Hub is a recruitment service that recruits people with their online profiles. There are various records of claims with different company names and positions from the recruiter. Based on the complaints online, this is a fake recruitment firm.

Is Golden Hub Legit?

Golden Hub only sends emails with contact information from third party services like Shutterfly. There are no records of company registration or accreditation details. So Golden Hub is not legit.

Is It Safe To Accept Offers From Golden Hub?

The Golden Hub recruitment offers often come with the service fee or deposit that you have to pay within 72 hours to confirm the offer. It is not safe to accept the job offers from the Golden Hub and pay the fees or provide your details.

What To Do If You Have Lost Money On Golden Hub Scam?

If you have paid for the fake recruitment offer from Golden Hub or provided any personal details, you can contact us. We will help you with the legal process and reclaim the funds.

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