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Golden Key Pro is a Forex and CFD brokerage firm that promises to offer a solid choice of financial assets to trade with. It fails to disclose much of its relevant information about trading conditions. The broker provides the unusual web-based trading platform and charges a hefty sum as an initial deposit.

Is Golden Key Pro Legit?

Golden Key Pro is an unregulated platform owned by United Limited, a company based in the Marshall Islands. The entity fails to provide any substantial information regarding its regulations and legal validations.

Should You Invest With Golden Key Pro?

Golden Key Pro seems to be a dubious platform. It lacks credibility and transparency. Moreover, the official website is not working properly. Therefore, we recommend staying away from such a platform for any sort of investment.

What If Golden Key Pro Scams You?

Considering the facts, Golden Key Pro is a fraudulent platform and has duped hard-earned money from many naive investors. In addition, It has received a warning from the Spanish regulator CNMV. Sadly, if you are among the victims of the Golden Key Pro scam, reach us. We will make sure you get back your funds.

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