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Index Option is an online brokerage firm. It claims to have a wide range of financial products such as Forex pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices. After thorough research, we couldn't find any relevant corporate information regarding the trading conditions. The entity seems to vanish in the air soon after its inception.

Is the Index Option Regulated?

.Index Option is likely to be an unregulated platform. It fails to provide any credible information about its legal authorization. In addition, no information is available about the entity's legal address and who owns or runs it. Thus, we can say that the platform is illegitimate.

Should You Invest With Index Option?

Index Option is a highly suspicious trading platform. It provided financial services without any proper validations. Considering the facts about the entity, we recommend not to associate with such an illegal broker for any sort of investment.

What If Index Option Scams You?

As per available information, the Index Option has some major red flags in the market. Moreover, it has been blacklisted by The Financial Commission. In case, if you have been scammed by Index Option, contact us. We help you in recovering your lost sum.

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