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Infinitrade is a Forex brokerage based in the Marshall Islands. It provides a web-based trading platform with a wide range of trading options. The required minimum deposit is the staggering $ 2500.

Is Infinitrade A Legit Broker?

Infinitrade Limited claims to be based in Marshall Island, but there has already been a warning from the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority that it is actually not located at the given address. Hence, we do not suggest you invest money in it.

Is It Safe To Invest With Infinitrade?

Infinitrade review claims to grant a huge profit on a minimum investment of USD 2500. But as per our research, it fails to provide any proof that the profits have been achieved by anyone. Instead, the reviews that have been posted about the broker are quite negative. Hence, your funds are not safe with Infinitrade.

How To Recover Your Scammed Money From Infinitrade?

If you want to recover your lost money from an Infinitrade scam, you can take assistance from us. We will help you to recover all your scammed amount.

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