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Interactive Trader is a coaching service that conducts workshops on various levels of trading with experienced professionals in the field. Their sessions start from a free workshop to 4 or 5-day sessions with payments up to $ 999 and other advanced training programs. They also offer a software training tool. 

Is Interactive Trader Legit?

There is no information on who owns the Interactive Trader and accreditations. To offer financial advice, firms need authorization from recognized organizations like FCA. 

Can You Invest In The Advanced Programs Of Interactive Trader?

The beginner level courses offered by Interactive Trader may be useful for people who are getting started with trading. Other advanced programs and software training tools are too expensive. There are complaints about the firm not managing to deliver promises on software training tools.

What To Do If You Lost Money On Interactive Trader?

Have you lost your money with Interactive Trader? You can contact us using the chatbot or email. We will help you with the process of reclaiming your funds from Interactive Trader.

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