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InvestingPRO represents itself as a simple Forex brokerage firm with limited financial instruments for trading. It claims to offer services to both private institutions and individuals. The entity fails to share any crucial information regarding its trading conditions.

Is InvestingPRO Regulated?

InvestingPRO is an unlicensed platform, likely to be based in the Marshall Islands. It also has listed the address of Sofia on its website. The entity fails to show any credible information regarding its regulations. Thus, the entity seems to operate without any legal validations.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With InvestingPRO?

InvestingPro nature is similar to the fraudulent trading platform. It lacks credibility and has legal provisions for the safety of clients' funds. The entity's official website is down and it might have shut down its business. Hence, We recommend avoiding such an illicit entity for any sort of investment.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By InvestngPRO?

As per available information, InvestingPRO reviews are mostly negative. Moreover, it has received a serious warning from the Spanish financial regulator CNMV. Unfortunately, if you feel being deceived by InvestingPRO, connect with us. We will assist you in getting your funds recovered.

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