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JP Finance is a trading broker who offers services in Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, and others. It offers various plans with web trading software. The official website does not have information on firm registration and ownership.

Is JP Finance A Regulated Broker?

JP Finance is not a regulated financial service provider because it does not have the license to offer such services. It is an offshore broker, and in most cases, offshore brokers are registered in a country where laws on trading are more relaxed.

Can You Invest With JP Finance?

JP Finance is not safe to invest with because they are not a regulated broker approved by authorities like the SEC or FCA. Your investments will not be safe with unregulated brokers.

What To Do If You Lost Your Investment With JP Finance?

If you are a victim of JP Finance and lost your investment, you can contact Funds Recovery. Our experienced professional team will help you recover the money.

What people say

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  • It was on line i joined jp trade etc and deposited $250.00 it was paid in Uk pounds. Since then having calls coming to me from different firms and ppl asking for more to invest.