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L7Trade is relatively a new crypto investment platform to be popped out in the lucrative cryptocurrency market. It promises to provide a unique and innovative trading experience. The entity does not explain how it works or how it generates such high profits as mentioned in the online brochure.

Is L7Trade Legit?

L7Trade is an unregulated trading platform allegedly based in Ukraine. It files to show any substantial details about its legalization and regulations. Investors are unhopeful about the entity's legitimacy.

Should You Invest With L7Trade?

L7Trade seems to be a suspicious platform. It lures gullible investors promising unrealistic returns in a short period. Therefore, we recommend staying away from such an illicit entity for any investment purposes.

How To Recover Your Lost Money From L7Trade?

L7Trade has some major red flags. It has faced allegations of being involved in a full-fledged Ponzi scam. In case, if you are among the victims of L7Trade fraud, reach out to us. We will help you in recovering your lost sum.

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