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Libra Markets is a newly launched trading platform offering a large collection of financial instruments to trade with. It does not support MetaTrader, rather uses an unfamiliar trading platform. However, the entity does not disclose any specific information about its trading conditions.

Is Libra Markets Regulated?

Libra Markets is an unregulated platform presumably based in Tallinn, Estonia. It does not have any proper legal validations to provide financial services. Thus, the entity operates illegally with full autonomy.

Is It Safe To Invest With Libra Markets?

Libra Markets is a shady trading platform. It lacks the clarity of information as well as transparency. Therefore, it is advisable not to associate with such an illegal entity for any sort of investment.

What To Do When Scammed By Libra Markets?

As per available information, Libra Markets reviews indicate major shortcomings of the platform. It has been blacklisted by the Austrian Financial Markets Authority. Unfortunately, if you have been betrayed by Libra Markets, reach out to us. We will assist you to recover your lost sum.

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