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Markets Xchange is a Forex and CFDs broker. The website states that the Company in the Marshall Islands provides online trading services via its brand “Markets Xchange”.

Is Markets Xchange A Legit Broker?

Markets Xchange is not regulated by Ireland’s regulator The Central Bank of Ireland or any other authority. Moreover, The Central Bank of Ireland has issued a warning against the broker. Hence, it is not legit to do any kind of deal.

Is It Safe To Invest With Markets Xchange?

We do not recommend investing any money with Markets Xchange. As the broker has not provided any information, there is a high chance of you getting scammed by it. Moreover, an unregulated broker should not be trusted at any cost. Therefore, your money is not at all safe with this broker and it is good to avoid using this for trading.

How To Recover Your Markets Xchange?

In case you have been a victim of a scam by Markets Xchange, you can reach out to us directly. We will take all the necessary steps to recover your lost amount. 

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