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This was a Ponzi scheme that operated from March till late May 2021. It is actually the recycled version of the Coin-Mining-Farm scam. They both posed as cloud mining companies. The site is down. 

How the Scam Operated 

The con presented itself as a cloud mining firm which advertised a great opportunity for profit through crypto mining. provided several investment packages, some of which were free. To make the hook more enticing, they required a one-time investment. The targets were encouraged to think that they would give money once and reap the profit indefinitely.  All of the packages were shrouded in crypto and technical jargon and the offers would seem amazing to a layman. However, after a brief analysis it became apparent they were unsustainable and impossible from the technical side.  The platform also had the Add Miner option. People could earn money by just recommending Mid-mining to their friends. This is a typical sign of a Pyramid Scheme as it requires aggressive recruitment to function. 


Mid-Mining stopped giving withdrawals to their victims in approximately late May 2021. At first, they gave excuses that they were experiencing technical difficulties, and quickly after they vanished.  If you or someone you know has lost money to Mid-Mining and Coin-Mining-Farm schemes, you should know that there are actions you can take. Contact us for a free consultation, and make a first step towards retrieving your money.

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