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Midas Globe exists in the Forex market since 2014. It offers a choice of several account types on the MT4 trading platform.

Is Midas Globe A Legit Broker?

Midas Globe claims on its website to be registered by the financial regulatory organization. As per our research, it is not regulated by any known financial regulatory agency at this particular moment, and therefore, we can conclude that it is not a holder of a license to run legally. Hence, it is not recommended to invest funds with Midas Globe.

Is It Safe To Invest With Midas Globe?

Many negative reviews have been found on numerous websites against Midas Globe. Many investors have filed a complaint against it for losing the money invested in it. In fact, it has just a 1-star consumer rating and all these are evident enough to say that your money is not safe with it.

How To Recover Your Scammed Money Back From Midas Globe?

If you want to protect yourself from a Midas Globe scam, you can consult with us to recover back your lost money.

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