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OptionStars is a popular offshore Binary Options trading platform. It offers trading in a different range of assets like currency, crypto, stocks, indices and commodities. The company uses an advanced and transparent pricing method for a secure trading.

Is OptionStars Legit?

OptionStars is not an authorised entity. It doesn't have the required license to operate financial services. The company is owned and run by Fevora Limited, a pseudo company based in the UK. OptionStars claims itself to be registered and a legal entity, but the reality is the opposite.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With OptionStars?

OptionStars is an unregulated entity that works with full anonymity. The initial investment is $ 250 to commence trade. As far as an investment decision is concerned, stay away from any sorts of investment with OptionStars. Moreover, the company does not accept clients from France, Turkey and the USA for trading on its website.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By OptionStars?

OptionStars has low credibility in the market. It is encountering loads of bad reviews from investors. The company has stolen money from gullible traders. Unfortunately, if you have made the mistake, approach us. We will help you in recovering your funds.

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