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PrimeCrypto is a CFD broker focused on the crypto market, offering a choice of over 60 crypto coins. The broker is based in Bulgaria.

Is PrimeCrypto A Legit Broker?

Since PrimeCrypto targets and uses marketing strategies in the jurisdictions that are strictly overseen by the local industry authorities, PrimeCrypto received a warning to deliver their service. Moreover, it is an offshore broker which is not at all reliable for trading purposes.

Is It Safe To Invest With PrimeCrypto?

PrimeCrypto reviews available online do not validate the claims the company makes on its website. We found that it has been accused of stealing traders’ money. Hence, we strictly advise not to involve in any sort of investment or trading activity with PrimeCrypto.

How To Get Back Your Money Scammed By PrimeCrypto?

If you want to safeguard yourself against scams by PrimeCrypto, feel free to contact us, and we will take all possible actions to recover your money back.

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