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Forsakrings in Swedish means Insurance. There are a lot of Swedish firms with the word on their name. There are scammers creating clone firms with similar names and using them for fraudulent activities. 

Is Principle Forsakrings Holdings Registered?

No, Principle Forsakrings Holdings is not registered. As per the FCA record, it is a clone firm with the name of an EEA authorized firm. There is no information on services, and the website has design flaws like leaving design aspects of the default theme unchanged. 

Is It Safe To Invest In Principle Forsakrings Holdings?

Do not invest in clone firms like these before verifying the registration details. It will be better to check for reviews on reports online before making an investment choice.

What To Do If You Have Lost Money With Principle Forsakrings Holdings?

Clone firm scams like Principle Forsakrings Holdings are sophisticated and very hard to notice. If you have lost your funds on this, you can contact our expert team at Funds Recovery for helping with the process of reclaiming. 

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