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Regal Treasury Private Bank Ltd is a banking service firm that is registered by a small finance company named Wintage Holdings Limited. The firm is from South Africa.

Is Regal Treasury Private Bank Registered?

The Regal Treasury Private Bank was registered under the registrar for banks when it was in operation. The firm is no longer operating after the scandal issued by its CEO Jeffinsten.

Is It Safe To Invest With Regal Bank?

The Regal Bank is no longer servicing after the scandal regarding its CEO. There were complaints about the CEO handling the responsibilities recklessly and causing loss to the firm and customers.

What Can You Do If You Have Lost Money With The Regal Bank?

Regal Bank legal disputes are ongoing. If you have lost your money with the Regal Bank, you can book consultation from us. We will help you with the process of dispute and claiming your money back.

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