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RichmondFG is a Forex brokerage based in Bulgaria. On its website, we read that the brokerage provides a web-based trading platform and the spread offered is 3.6 pips.

Is RichmondFG A Legitimate Broker?

RichmondFG does not reveal details about its senior management. The broker is not authorized or regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission in Bulgaria or any other regulator. Moreover, RichmondFG has recently been blacklisted by Italy’s regulator CONSOB.

Is It Safe To Invest With RichmondFG?

Unfortunately, it is a very jeopardizing prospect to trade with RichmondFG in the absence of any information in the public interest. Moreover, there is always a risk associated with an offshore broker and therefore, it is advised to take strict precautions before entering into any kind of similar trade activities.

How To recover Your Scammed Money From RichmondFG?

If under any circumstances, you have lost your money to RichmondFG, you can consult with us to recover your lost money from the company.

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