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About: is an online investment platform that offers HYIP - High Yield Investment Plans. The HYIP is a scheme in which the brokers promise an unsustainably high return on investment. They will be paying previous investors with the money from the new investor’s investment.

 Is Soloo Legit?

The Soloo online platform offered a very high return promise based on HYIP. But there are no guarantees on security and payment. The website is not registered to provide financial services. So Soloo is not legit.

Is It Safe To Invest With Soloo?

The Soloo website went offline, and it looks like the program is no longer accepting new investments. As per the reviews from customers, the program is not paying back the returns, and it is not safe to invest.

What To Do If You Have Lost Money On Soloo?

If you have lost your investment with Soloo, you can contact us using the chatbot. We will help you with the process of dispute and reclaim your funds. 

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