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STI Global provides consultation services to people and other companies. The company also provides technological solutions and innovations for its customers.

Is STI Global Legit?

In our research, there were no licenses or registration numbers for STI Global available online. In fact, we found that the FCA, which is the financial regulatory body of the UK, has blacklisted STI Global for suspicious activities. By blacklisting STI FCA monitors the company and tells users to avoid it.

Should You Invest With STI Global?

STI Global has no licenses for its activities nor any kind of regulations. The money invested by you will be at a high risk of getting stolen. Therefore, it is better to invest with a more widely recognized firm instead.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By STI Global?

If you have been scammed by STI global reach us via the registered contact details on our website. We have the resources and industry experts to help you get your lost money back fast and that too without much hassle.

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