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Swift capital is a funder who offers small-time cash flow loans to small businesses. The quick loans are offered without credit records. The firm also claims that they can make funding decisions within 48 to 72 hours.

Is Swift Capitals Regulated?

Swift Capitals is registered, and it has been offering financial services for some time now. The firm is not accredited by BBB or other recognized authorities like FCA.

Is It Safe To Get Loans From The Swift Capitals?

Swift Capitals offers quick loans for emergencies, and having a poor credit history is not an issue for them. Based on the complaints online, there were some issues with communication and expensive fees. There are also complaints about the firm changing the offers frequently, which causes a loss for customers.

What To Do If You Are Facing Issues With Swift Capitals?

If you are facing any issues with paid loans from Swift Capitals, you can contact us. We will assist you with the legal issues and help you recover the funds.

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